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We all know that my husband is totally obsessed with Andrew Collins, he has dedicated a Blog to him, got a TV company interested in a documentary about his quest, he tracks his auction bids for “rare” Andrew Collins books… Continue Reading →

Andrew Collins Fanclub 8

Why not give access to Andrew

Andrew Collins Fanclub 7

Ok, I am now gettting very worried about my Husbands obsession with Andrew Collins and the apparent need to be at the next Questing Conference. I t is what 4 weeks since the last one and he is already trying… Continue Reading →

Andrew Collins Fanclub

I wonder if Andrew Collins knows what a following he has! He should be very proud of himself, being able to captivate three so called intelligent guys. He appears to be at almost cult status. How many days/hours till the… Continue Reading →

New Arrival 3

Well Guys, I have to say that Simon and I do produce the most beautiful children. ivermectin pour on cattle rain waterproof Our little Princess is a true joy, Daddy is already showing signs of becomming an over protective father…. Continue Reading →


What are you Guys on!!!!!! The only person that appears half normal is Andrew Collins!

Wasted Talent 2

Oops some cosmic force stopped me typing. Anyway. for all those that read this entry today, I ask you to question, am you using the gifts that you have to their true potential and if not, why?

Wasted Talent

Just been reading my husbands entry on the Blog, and although he has a totally weird thought process,I have to say his talents are totally wasted. How can such a mind be stimulated and exercised in his current role. بي… Continue Reading →

A warm, safe place

The whole world appears to have gone mad, are we all going to end up fighting each until the end!!!! Help find a place which is remote, warm and will not be bothered with what the rest of the crazy… Continue Reading →

Global Turmoil versus Tunnel Vision

I am now totally convinced that you Sy and you John are totally insane. Just read your entries for the past two days. The world is in turmoil and all you two appear concerned about is Andrew Collins. Wake up… Continue Reading →

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