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The Flow of DAO

Introduction Immediate apologies to those expecting spiritual commentary regarding “the flow of The Way”; the DAO that I’m going to talk about here is the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, a relatively new concept in organisational structure with a heavy technological underpinning…. Continue Reading →

Adventures in Oenurgy

The art of Oenomancy (divination by wine) has been around for thousands of years but – unlike Theurgy and Thaumaturgy – there doesn’t appear to be a tradition of Oenurgy, magical workings with wine. This became relevant yesterday as I… Continue Reading →

Temperance for the Current Times

I used to think that the Temperance card in the tarot was a call to an anodyne self-restraint and moderation in all things. How could a cardinal virtue seem so wishy-washy? Over the last two years, however, it has developed… Continue Reading →

A House in France: Magic Diary

(Note you can click on all the pictures to get high-res versions.) The idea of owning a property in France has always exerted a strong pull on my imagination. We spent many holidays there as children (the ferry from Ireland… Continue Reading →

Miley Crisis 2

Ah yes. Who’d have thought that one of my albums of the year would be Miley’s latest? But so it is. Produced by The Flaming Lips and only available online, this is clearly an experimental album which is hilarious and… Continue Reading →

Voudou Altar 2, New Orleans

Voudou Altar, New Orleans

BodhiMe Yoga Pants

Rx Boiler Room, Las Vegas

Mediterranean Flower Bed, RHS Garden, Wisley

Sweetpea Trials, RHS Garden, Wisley

Toadstool, Farnham Woods

Fairy Tree, Loughcrew

Screamadelica and Southwest Trains

This is my favourite facebook post ever and it got almost no response. Still can’t believe it.

Ancestor Worship, Nogent-le-Rotrou

Goals for the New Year

I am a great believer in setting goals and New Year's celebrations help to focus the mind on reviewing previous goals and setting new ones for the year ahead (see, New Year's Eve *is* good for something).  However, I am… Continue Reading →

Scooby Doo and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion

I should have been a brilliant sceptic, even now jostling for position as James ("the Amazing") Randi's anointed successor.  With a psychological imbalance towards thinking (as opposed to feeling) that makes Spock look like Mother Theresa, two lawyer parents to instill the partiality of… Continue Reading →

The Factor

Last night saw Cher Lloyd leaving the X-Factor and with her went the last vestige of "factor X".  Tonight's final will now be a snoozefest between three acts that are about as authentic as Santa's red outfit.  Sure Rebecca and Matt… Continue Reading →

Quantum Leapfrog

As I wandered bleary-eyed through the airport this morning, I smiled wryly (not easy at 06:00 in Heathrow, you know) at the new Accenture advertisement. The tag line is "Play Quantum Leapfrog" and the picture shows a frog leaping over… Continue Reading →

Gorillaz @ Glastonbury

I watched the Gorillaz headline set on the TV last night, mellow with red wine and a good week's work under my belt, and was very happy that I had caught it.  I'll admit up front that if Damon Albarn… Continue Reading →

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