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Voudou Altar 2, New Orleans

Voudou Altar, New Orleans

Fairy Tree, Loughcrew

Ancestor Worship, Nogent-le-Rotrou

Scooby Doo and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion

I should have been a brilliant sceptic, even now jostling for position as James ("the Amazing") Randi's anointed successor.  With a psychological imbalance towards thinking (as opposed to feeling) that makes Spock look like Mother Theresa, two lawyer parents to instill the partiality of… Continue Reading →

Ancestor Worship

Larchill Quest

In which I admit to several things I’d rather not…

All I Wanted was a Good Night’s Sleep…

The latest in a series of disturbing episodes of Sleep Paralysis.

The Big Picture

It’s all clear now.

Fr Bonaventure’s Revenge

In which the wheel of cosmic justice is seen to turn full circle.

Coincidence or Synchronicity

In which our hero once again feels that there is more going on than meets the eye.

More Glitches in The Matrix

OK this is a good one. As you know I’ve been building towards my website. Now that I’ve cracked a lot of the technical issues, I’ve been giving some thought to design. My theory on all of this, in… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Waitrose 4

Hi all, It’s been a while since I have posted and since Alex mentioned the encounter we had with the darker side of buying groceries at Waitrose. However, I felt you all really deserved to see this man, albeit belatedly,… Continue Reading → 2

I’m not sure that is the right domain name. what about or

I’m happy to report that things appear to aligning nicely on the Psychic Questing front. I cannot yet reveal full details, however, suffice to say that I am currently pushing forward with a new venture to establish as the… Continue Reading →

Hastings Link

We all know that my husband is totally obsessed with Andrew Collins, he has dedicated a Blog to him, got a TV company interested in a documentary about his quest, he tracks his auction bids for “rare” Andrew Collins books… Continue Reading →

Crowley Conference Notes and AC Books

In my obsessive pursuit of Andrew Collins, I trekked up to London today to see him speak at the Crowley Conference. Here are my notes from his talk . Simultaneously I have just been gazumped in an ebay auction for… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Waitrose 3

A belated response to your post Alex, but I’m more than curious to know why your groceries man felt the need to share this information with you. Did he think to recognise a fellow practicioner of the dark arts? Was… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Waitrose 2

Tell the flower to pause at the supermarket (8).

Dark Side of Waitrose

Hay all, I have been spurred on by Simon to share with the world a rather bemusing discovery. www 888casino com It turns out that the man who has been serving me my groceries for the last year or so… Continue Reading →

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