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Goals for the New Year

I am a great believer in setting goals and New Year's celebrations help to focus the mind on reviewing previous goals and setting new ones for the year ahead (see, New Year's Eve *is* good for something).  However, I am… Continue Reading →

Shaken ’em off this time.

I’ve just fiddled around with this site again. I know, I know – I just can’t leave it alone. موقع 365 سبورت But the issue was that I had a very weak entry page to with not much attracting… Continue Reading →

The Big Picture

It’s all clear now.

A Shot in the Arm

Notes on a mini revival

More Glitches in The Matrix

OK this is a good one. As you know I’ve been building towards my website. Now that I’ve cracked a lot of the technical issues, I’ve been giving some thought to design. My theory on all of this, in… Continue Reading →

…proxied mass name-based virtual hosting…

As you can see things have taken a turn for the better since my last posts. I had to abandon the idea of setting the Alcatel DSL modem to the Linux box. Sure, sure, you’ll find plenty of articles telling… Continue Reading →

Aside 2 – Harry Potter High Street

The part of Haslemere nearest to our house is called Wey Hill. بت واي It houses a number of odd and vaguely run-down shops although the local council is desperately trying to regenerate it. On one side of the street… Continue Reading →

Aside 1 – Switch

To help keep our study as tidy as possible (ultimately a doomed ambition), I purchased a little splitter on eBay for £17.50 which connects two PCs to a single Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse. You press a little button and are… Continue Reading →

Day 5 – False Hope

My CDs arrived on cue from fastdiscs and the install was quite easy – you popped the first CD into the drive and booted the PC. Everything else happened automatically. One immediate problem that I encountered was that Linux appeared… Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Linux Timeslip

It’s been 15 days since my last blog post. بطولة بلوت Crushing disillusionment and psychosis-inducing levels of sleep deprivation are to blame for the “lost fortnight”. However, I emerge from this dark night of the soul more resilient, wiser and… Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Wal-Mart Linux

Whilst waiting for the Mandrake CDs to be shipped, I realised that Wal-Mart is the hidden master behind the whole Linux community. Let me explain. The single most troubling aspect of Linux is that it is free. To the commercially… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Pt2

As soon as I saw one of them, however, I knew this had to be the one – Mandrake Linux. By eerie coincidence I had just finished reading Toyne Newton’s pre-cursor to The Black Alchemist wherein he devotes an entire… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Pick a Linux, Any Linux

Day 3 started well when some nice man who must remain nameless kindly offered me an old Celeron desktop (oooh – who could that be?) which would be ideal as my new Linux web server. Buoyed by this early stroke… Continue Reading →


As part of my ongoing obsession, I am in the process of developing a PsychicQuesting website which I hope will help raise the profile of this glorious exercise amongst the masses. As I get further and further into this, I’m… Continue Reading →

Day 2 – Single IP, Multiple Websites

I’m rather fond of my personal website and don’t want to sacrifice it in the creation of If I am to hold both websites on my home computer I need to be able to identify which site people are… Continue Reading →

Day 1 – The Plan

In line with my grand plan of bringing Psychic Questing to the people, I have embarked upon a project to create the de facto portal for the Questing community. Eschewing David Percy’s idea of calling it, I plumbed for… Continue Reading →

Blog Failure 3

It’s just as well you don’t work in IT or anything Sy…

Blog Failure 2

Rather embarassingly, it appears that for the last few months my computer has been leading a double life as a warez server. Some nasty hackers exploited the ftp facility that I had naively set up to allow you bloggers upload… Continue Reading →

Blog Failure

Testing Simon’s broken site (or at least excluding the Mick’s)….

Email Probs

Looks like I had a hitch with my email (oops) and thus noboby got notified of David’d recent entries. fhddv I never like to see a man Googlewhacking off by himself so hopefully this entry will serve to draw you… Continue Reading →

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