I’m rather fond of my personal website and don’t want to sacrifice it in the creation of PsychicQuesting.com. If I am to hold both websites on my home computer I need to be able to identify which site people are looking for (as both websites will resolve to the same IP address – i.e. my home computer). Last night I started the process to get a test page up on the internet so that I could configure IIS to make this distinction and to test that it was actually doing it correctly. It was with great horror, therefore, that I suddenly discovered (after much struggling with the IIS admin console) that Windows XP doesn’t support multiple websites. This was something of a savage blow. The only alternative seemed to be to install Windows Server 2003 but this (1) is very expensive and (2) doesn’t allow an upgrade from XP! I guess I could have bitten the bullet and forked out the cash and reformatted my home PC but this seemed rash particularly when my home machine is set up so nicely with multiple profiles that Lisa and I (and visiting guests) can, and do, use. دمبلة اون لاين I searched around and some hard core hackers have created ISAPI filters to allow multiple websites to be hosted on a single XP machine (for example see http://h4ck3r.net/ – IIS multiplex section) but even their domain names terrified me and I read on another thread somewhere that there are still limitations with this approach. If I couldn’t use my existing machine or sensibly upgrade it, there seemed no alternative to setting up a new web server which could handle multiple websites. Again, given cash constraints, this pushed me firmly in the direction of cheap hardware and, if possible, free software. العاب انلين Although every fibre of my being cried out against it, I was moving inexorably towards Linux usage. جوجل باي