I recently came across an intriguing book called “(Amazing and Wonderful) Mind Machines You can Build” by G Harry Spine. The brackets in the title don’t *actually* appear but that’s how I imagine it should read although it’s quite possible that my mind is simpy scarred from the 80s songwriters of my youth who continuously bracketed out parts of their song titles which didn’t need bracketing at all – for example “Don’t You (Forget about Me)”, “I Want To Be There (When You Come)”.

Anyway, I was rather pleased to find that I could actually build one of the Mind Machines described, a piece of three inch square paper, slightly folded diagonally in the same direction on both sides to give a vaguely pyramid effect and spinning on a needle stuck in plasticine.
The mind Machine
The idea is that you cup your hands around the device (without touching it) and then make it turn first one way and then another using only the power of your mind.

This certainly allowed for easy testing so with my new energy wheel I cupped my hands around it and furrowed my brow. Weirdly it immediately began shooting around in an anticlockwise direction. Startled, I removed my hands and it quickly came to a halt. Regaining my cool scietific detachment I sat back and waited to see what would happen if I did nothing – i.e would it move anyway due to draughts in the room. Although there was some slight movement of the wheel nothing remotely like what I had just seen was repeated until I put my hands back around the wheel and off it flew again.

Now despite my success with the anti-clockwise spinning I couldn’t make it stop and turn back in a clockwise direction. Also, to negate the possibility that you could be unconsciously spinning it with your breath, G Harry recommends putting a transparent container over it (glass as plastic won’t work apparently). As soon as I did this the wheel stopped moving completely and no amount of hand cupping would make it budge.

I now removed the container, held my breath and attempted to mentally spin the wheel and again it worked (insofar as once more it shot off in an anti-clockwise direction). Thinking that I could still be unconsciously letting tiny but highly targeted bursts of breath out unconsciously, I deployed my final piece of equipment. العب انترنت

Your Experimenter
The result was still that I could spin the wheel furiously in one direction.

Perhaps only one half of my psychic brain is developed and like a fish with only one fin I keep spinning in unidirectional circles. 22 bet Anyway the partial success of the experiment has encouraged me to attempt further tests and if anyone else tries and suceeds I would be very interested to hear.