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This Blog started some years ago as a technical exercise to see whether I could turn the customer portal component of the Infra software into a blog. كازينو ٨٨٨ I could, and the first series of articles started pinging in. Since this site pre-dated my psychicQuesting.com website, many of the posts relate to my growing interest in this pursuit. At the same time it reflects my “IT geek” background as well as some more general musings about the meaning of life.

Several people have contributed, giving it a nice interactive feel, and you can see all their posts on the site as well. online roulette I hope to keep this approach going and welcome guest blogging on any topic whatsoever.

Over time, Infra proved an unwieldly platform (a sledgehammer to crack a nut) and I moved the blog onto WordPress which is designed for exactly this sort of thing. At the same time I designed a site built specifically for Psychic Questing and most of my efforts for the next few years went into that site and the Nautonnier blog stagnated.

This year I made two New Year’s resolutions. (1) to get fit and (2) to start doing some consistent writing. Progress on the first has not been significant so I thought I better at least do something about the second.? I’d been “microblogging” on Facebook and realised that I could dust off my old blog site, update it and continue using this for proper blogging. And so, for better or worse, here it is…the relaunched Nautonnier blog.