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Married to Sinead, living in the burbs with a cat and the first of our 2.4 children on the way. All is well.

Cryptic 2

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Mars Mania 4

It is being reported this morning by the BBC that the Martians have slipped up and made themselves known to spirit. They are usually so careful, maybe they got complacent because the mars lander doesn’t normally look up.

Mars Mania 2

Philip K Dick was obviously obsessed with Mars and Martian life. He wrote an excellent short story about mans pollution of Earth and migration to Mars, only to find the destroyed remnants of Terran civilization already there. The protagonist has… Continue Reading →

The Principle of Dredd 2

First Blog entry – It took ‘The Principal of Dredd’ to get me to come out of the lurker closet. Dredd also said on numerous occasions that ‘Self defence is no defence in the eyes of the Law’. The debate… Continue Reading →

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