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Afterlife Telegrams

Check this out:

The Dark Side of Waitrose 3

A belated response to your post Alex, but I’m more than curious to know why your groceries man felt the need to share this information with you. Did he think to recognise a fellow practicioner of the dark arts? Was… Continue Reading →

Blog Failure

Testing Simon’s broken site (or at least excluding the Mick’s)….

Dylan Anecdote 4

I read the Howard Sounes biography of Dylan recently and without doubt the thing I was most impressed with is his ability to keep his life private. It makes for dull reading (…and then we have no idea what happened)… Continue Reading →

JS Error

P.S. I’m getting a js error everytime I post a blog. Hands up who’s surprised? Now only those from Infra?

Suede Concerts 2

Just don’t ask why I’m posting a blog at this time. Just a quick note to say that I’m sure the obsessional amongst us will be quick to point out the various people who have gone the full album concert… Continue Reading →

The Principle Of Dredd

A quick note that I meant to post at least six months ago. ivermectin 1 percent cream interactions When analysing the terminology of those who style themselves political or military strategists, I always like to adopt two methodologies of my… Continue Reading →

Wave function collapse 2

Quick response, Lisa’s question first: because I don’t want to end up in prison. Simon: a top notch idea – seriously, if I find time I’ll research it. جائزة رالي داكار 2024 I’ve always enjoyed, and in some way believed,… Continue Reading →


You know, I’m not sure if I can bear to live in a world full of such dramatic co-incidence. On another point entirely, do you think we could get the UN to rename Iraq to Ameriraq?

Anti-Evolution 6

Simon has largely done exactly what I object to about those trying to debunk evolutionary theory, which is to make an argument based on a very selective point of view and also fails (as Mark points out) to offer any… Continue Reading →

Anti-Evolution 2

Here’s one for you Simon: In their determination to prove evolutionary theory to be a load of rubbish, people jump through many hoops and selectively ignore vast amounts of physical evidence to the contrary. Quite what their objection to a… Continue Reading →

Squirrels 3

Nick, having considered it further, I’m curious about your new found interest in squirrels… ivermectin tablets for sale is this some particularly seedy sub-section of the bestiality world or a tangible extrusion of your psychic being? We should be told…..

Squirrels 2

Nick, it’s amazing to think you reached 30 without knowing that….


Of course the second reference to social scientists in that last log should read: why just non-social scientists? Obviously the BA (Black Alchemist) is affecting me….

A Quickie from John

Just a quickie (as it were), to deal with a few questions posed. Nick, quite irritating but I’m sure you could do worse. Simon, don’t you think more than non-social scientists should skip this bit? (if not the entire page)…. Continue Reading →

Your journey begins…

As I continue to read The Black Alchemist, ever more impressed, I see you have begun your own journey. acheter ivermectine biogaran 3 mg In keeping with Andy Collins’ strange experience of finding a car behind him on a busy… Continue Reading →

Henry’s Blog

Looked at Henry’s blog, which was just plain scary. Used his Neil Gaiman link though and can only recommend his (Neils) entry for the 28th Jan: As a result of lost wager, Simon is forcing me to read The… Continue Reading →

John writes…

I’d like to publicly thank you for posting an impressive display of my deformity on the web for the world to see and pity me accordingly. سكريل بنك I’ve always felt that the net is an almost perfect representation on… Continue Reading →

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