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Has everyone been nabbed by Surrey Satanists or is the silence some kind of protest against the censorship of the blog? Andrew Collins is a dick, Andrew Collins is a dick, Andrew Collins is a dick. امم اوروبا 2024 Ha!

Squirrels 7

Futhermore and of no relevance to my previous post unless you are, as I am, referring to squirrels, I propose an experiment whereby I eat 10-17 Vegetarian All Day Breakfasts from Norma’s Deli Diner in Twickenham (renowned for their massive… Continue Reading →

Wave function collapse 7

@Henry – LOL @John – I’ll give you ramifications @Simon & Michael – What’s wrong with the relativist propostion that given a deck of cards and me about to turn over the first card that it will be one of… Continue Reading →

Gibbon Quest

It was a clear yet moonless night in early May. Four people, Bernard, Betty, Thaddeus and Shadowfinger looked at each other nervously before exiting their car and making their way across the carpark of the Greyhound Inn in Marsh Gibbon,… Continue Reading →

Squirrels 6

What do you mean emotive? That’s outrageous! But seriously, that would explain the nut-gathering. I’m glad they don’t hibernate.

Squirrels 4

None of the below. It was just the answer to a question that had been puzzling me for a while, but if you want to get metaphysical with it; why is it that the red squirrels who gather their nuts… Continue Reading →


I have just learned that despite the common image of squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, in fact only the red variety are involved in hibernation. بطاقة اونو Grey squirrels can be seen all year round scampering up and down… Continue Reading →

Annoying Javascript Trick

click me HaHa!

Bulith Wells Castle

I actually enjoyed Bulith Wells Castle even though it was a non-existant castle or anti-castle, if you will. ادن هازارد Not only was it an anti-castle but the poor weather conditions added to the experience. كاس امم اوروبا 2024 How… Continue Reading →

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