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Author Henry

Henry Farrell is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Elliott School of International Affairs of the George Washington University.

The Conspiracy to take control of Iraq 7

You boys are shopping at the wrong place for wares. Check out for zombification rays, Gauss guns and other cool gear that Saddam and his sons will be hard put to counter. Unless, indeed, they’ve gone through the gate… Continue Reading →

The Conspiracy to take control of Iraq

At Simon’s request, am guestblogging on a matter of some considerable seriousness; the conspiracy to take control of Iraq. Dr. Michael E Salla, formerly an assistant professor at American University (his cv is here) reveals the full depths of the… Continue Reading →

Strange Veg 2

HTML didn’t cooperate the last time; if there isn’t a picture with a hyperlinkin this post, click on the funny little squashed box at the bottom.

Strange Veg

Arsing around in the countryside for mystical gemstones is one thing; finding a genuine unification of the male and female forces in your vegetable garden quite another. I find the below far more convincing as evidence of mystical forces shaping… Continue Reading →

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