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The Dark Side of Waitrose 4

Hi all, It’s been a while since I have posted and since Alex mentioned the encounter we had with the darker side of buying groceries at Waitrose. However, I felt you all really deserved to see this man, albeit belatedly,… Continue Reading →

New Arrival 4

Lisa, Yes you are allowed to get all soppy on us 🙂 Although I found your words of peace inspiring, I’m still working out how my skills as an Infra Consultant can be used to bring about world peace…lol!!!!

New Arrival

Let me be first to congratulate Lisa and Simon on their new arrival, little Maddy. She looks gorgeous!!!

The Conspiracy to take control of Iraq 5

Sorry I should have supplied a couple of reference sites for you to peruse. You’ll find the M4 SOPMOD accessory kit well documented here (towards the bottom of the page): Ural Troop Carriers: LAW Launcher. This has an… Continue Reading →

The Conspiracy to take control of Iraq 4

What guns do you need? I highly recommend the M4 ACOG or SOPMOD model. In fact the Model 727 is used by US Special Forces and armed with the M203 40mm grenade launcher is a devastating weapon. Although the million… Continue Reading →

Wave function collapse 5

Sy, Just a quick response as I’m at work 🙂 Thanks for the correction regarding superposition, it is a common error on my part!!! Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle was so intertwined with the creation of Schrödinger’s own theories of Wave Mechcanic’s… Continue Reading →

Wave function collapse 3

Hi all, Just a short test message to see if my Blog account is operational. I’m sure Simon will soon question the wisdom of giving me access to the Blog 🙂 Just one thing I’d like to raise in response… Continue Reading →

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