Hi all, It’s been a while since I have posted and since Alex mentioned the encounter we had with the darker side of buying groceries at Waitrose. However, I felt you all really deserved to see this man, albeit belatedly, so I’ve blown off my blogging cobwebs. The story so far…. Although in fear for our souls, Alex and I decided to visit Waitrose bearing a hidden camera. While Alex courageously distracted this servant of the Dark lord, I shot from the hip with the trusty micro Digital Camera. Having captured what I hoped were several good shots, we beat a hasty retreat back to the relative safety and sanctuary of the Infra offices (Andy wasn’t in that day). On transferring the images to my PC, i found each frame eerily free from his image. Then on the last frame he finally revealed himself, in all his terrifying glory. See for yourself by clicking here. The eyes truly are windows to the soul!!!! Chilling huh? Even though neither Alex nor I have ever offered any suggestion that we are drawn to satanic worship, he regularly launches into lurid explanations of what his website has to offer. He appears proud of the fact that every ISP he has used to host his site has banned him. It never ceases to amaze how casually he reveals his true self to us, as if his interest in Satan was the sort of pastime that most “normal” people enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon with their family. Even to this day he still seems keen on us hosting his website, the lure to the darkness is strong but I will not be seduced. Not even by the idea of sexual rituals involving nubile young virgins. Right I’m off; I’m far too inebriated to be blogging anyway. Excuse the poor spelling and/or grammar 😉