OK this is a good one. As you know I’ve been building towards my psychicQuesting.com website. Now that I’ve cracked a lot of the technical issues, I’ve been giving some thought to design. My theory on all of this, in the best rock tradition, is to immediately rip off the things you see on other sites that you like. Using this approach I have already found a version that I like of what will become the website “motif” – a Holy Grail (well, what else were you expecting?).

Continuing in this vein I’ve been checking out the websites of some of my cultural heroes to see what they’ve done. The one that stands out for me, both because of its design and because it is similar to what I dream of psychicQuesting.com becoming, is Julian Cope’s website Head Heritage.

Two of the many gems that I found there are: (1) directions to a layby on a motorway in England where the “big baby” who featured on the covers of some JC albums was going to be dumped. Sadly this was a past post and the big day had already come and gone otherwise I would have been waiting with a rented Hi-ace. (2) A link to this site on a tampon alternative . I can’t wait to see ads for this on TV.

Wondering who the designer of this was (I thought that I could ask him for some tips), I did some background searching and found out that it was one Chris McGrail.

Completely true. The cracks are showing.