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Blog Failure 3

It’s just as well you don’t work in IT or anything Sy… 2

I’m not sure that is the right domain name. what about or

Afterlife Telegrams 2

The afterlife telegrams thing has even made its way to the hallowed airwaves of Radio 4.

I stumbled across this little gem on t’internet. Too many gorgeous quotes to pick out a favourite http://www. مركز كريم بنزيما

Philip K Dick 3

Just to slightly correct Sy’s post; the wierdo reference has moved to Good to see Robert Crumb being mentioned as well as all of these nonsense peddlars. معنى كازينو American Splendour, the movie / documentary adaptation of his collaboration… Continue Reading →

Google Whacking 2

For the record “brahms diaphanously” is an official googlewhack (that I found without recourse to

Google Whacking

Given the rise in prominence of Google Whacking as an alternative to Pilates, Yoga, or plain just whacking off, I thought I’d giveit a try myself. دانيال الفيس Failed miserably of course, but the phrase “pancaked tortoise” turned up a… Continue Reading →

Andrew Collins Fanclub 4

When he’s dangling in a box over the Thames let me know? That way I’ll know he’s really “made it”…

Dylan Anecdote 3

Dylan Finally: More tix have been released for UK dates on the Dylan tour. £30 a pop. No word if The Waifs (Aussie band) are supporting (as they did in the US), but they be worth the admission price alone… Continue Reading →

Dylan Anecdote 2

Dylan part 2: Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure thus far ought to check out Dan Bern’s updating of the Bob Dylan / Woody Guthrie deathbed serenading scenario. ivermectin for goats dosage Dan breaks into Bruce Springsteen’s house and attempts… Continue Reading →

Dylan Anecdote

Ok, now that Dylan has been mentioned I have something to talk about. My favourite “losing his marbles” Dylan story was recounted by Irish Pope-lover Bono. لعبة كوتشينة اون لاين Apparently they were collaborating on some record or other and… Continue Reading →

The Conspiracy to take control of Iraq 3

To elucidate on Simon’s bounty hunter comment: given the newly announced $25m for Uncle Saddam I’d say that this represents a real business opportunity. Not only is the return on investment excellent (a cadre of five could surely take him… Continue Reading →


Othello takes prunes to the river, cautiously, we hear. (5) (7 across)

I am the seventh bar

I am the seventh bar.

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