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Sy’s Psychic Quest (aka The Icon Trail) 3

i showed your recent appeal to my wife and she reckons your bringing psychics into disrapute. get protection from evil spirts fast. Its your spirit guide that will have the answers to your questions not the internet. maybe start looking… Continue Reading →

Squirrels 8

am interested to know more about the hibernatio experiment. i saw a juvenile grey squirrel recently.

Anti-Evolution 3

do not discard evolutionary theory until simon can put forward a better alternative, it is a tool for understanding rather than a belief and the beauty is in the simplicity, I would be surprised if it was 100% right, as… Continue Reading →

Squirrels 5

at last some reality dawns on the whole squirrel issue. Red squirrels do not hibernate altough some days they don’t bother to leave their nest. Hibernation in mammels is thought to be a phsyiological response to cold conditions and short… Continue Reading →

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