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The Dancer Manifesto

“Are we human or are we Dancer?”, The Killers Introduction In Michael Moorcock’s seminal series of books, “The Dancers at the End of Time”, the last inhabitants of Earth have gained the ability to completely manipulate their world. Matter is… Continue Reading →

Ancestor Worship

Children of the Light

Since we started emerging from the winter gloom, a trick of the light often happens in our Dining Room whereby a beam of sunlight gets refracted through the windows and causes a concentrated beam of white light with some coloured spectrum around… Continue Reading →

Emerging Themes

I’m supposed to be doing some emergency coding this weekend – hence the unusually high level of blogging activity 😉 St Nectan’s Glen has been a popular subject on the website over the years. It contains one of the… Continue Reading →

My Miley Crisis.

A scary thing happened to me last night. I was doing my usual “surf the music channels” routine when my attention was caught by a Transporter-esque scene in which a nubile young lady cavorted to a song which, to my… Continue Reading →

Collected Twitterings for 2009-05-06

Did I mention that the Elves are coming…? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Shaken ’em off this time.

I’ve just fiddled around with this site again. I know, I know – I just can’t leave it alone. موقع 365 سبورت But the issue was that I had a very weak entry page to with not much attracting… Continue Reading →

Lottery Musings

Did anyone notice the weird sequence of numbers from the last two EuroMillions lottery draws? 4 – 14 – 21 – 24 – 41 5 – 8 4 – 7 – 21 – 44 – 47 1 – 5 Maybe… Continue Reading →

Collected Twitterings for 2009-05-01

“Find some friends”, you say? I can only find one. Is this really the future of the web? ivermectin composition # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Collected Twitterings for 2009-04-30

Just ordered a laptop that could run nuclear power plants. Ouch! # has a plan. # ..and it worked! Fab! # has set the wheels in motion. # And so endeth the first day on Twitter. Ummm….. # Powered by… Continue Reading →

Mnemonists Wanted!

Imagine that you have just stepped onto the down escalator at Angel tube Station at rush hour. Far below, in amongst the almost solid throng of people, your eye is caught by a girl (change gender as appropriate) stepping onto… Continue Reading →

Sony’s ESP Lab

Here’s an intrguing little nugget of information that I came across while reading Dean Radin’s summary of Extrasensory research (“Entangled Minds”). Apparently Sony set up a lab with four staff to investigate whether ESP was real or not. The ESPER… Continue Reading →

All I Wanted was a Good Night’s Sleep…

The latest in a series of disturbing episodes of Sleep Paralysis.

The Big Picture

It’s all clear now.

Experiments with Mind Machine

In which I retrace the footsteps of G Harry Stine

Gloria Olivae

Musing on the identity of the next pope

Come fly the friendly skies…

Things you don’t want to see on airline websites.

Psychic Questor discovers mythical fountain of youth!

Thanks to Alex for this one. (For those who don’t know this is my desk at work.)

Cryptic 2

ph|_|<|{!n6 4$$#0|_3$

I’m Afraid of Americans

A rant by me, given fresh focus by this morning’s assassination is here.

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