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Sy’s Psychic Quest (aka The Icon Trail) 4

Rather than doing what I should be doing concerning the really rather tedious late Roman Republic, I have been thinking about your Ephesus/Damascus streets. Street names are generally given to ancient cities by archaeologists and only on a few occasions… Continue Reading →

Biddulph Old Hall for Sale

Closer to home, I read in the Sunday Times Houses of the Week section that Biddulph Old Hall is up for sale. Andyphiles may remember that Biddulph in Staffordshire was a key location in his book “The Seventh Sword” and… Continue Reading →

Philip K Dick 3

Just to slightly correct Sy’s post; the wierdo reference has moved to Good to see Robert Crumb being mentioned as well as all of these nonsense peddlars. معنى كازينو American Splendour, the movie / documentary adaptation of his collaboration… Continue Reading →

Philip K Dick 2

Aaargh! They changed the Crumb link. Should’ve checked first. Here’s the new link.

Philip K Dick

Amazingly Conor is the first person to mention Philip K Dick in this blog. Considering how immersed in gnosticism, conspiracy theories and general freakiness he was, I would have expected him to have popped up long ago. (In fact, I… Continue Reading →

Mars Mania 3

Clearly the Beagle spacecraft was getting too close to Bert’s Face for the alien’s to stand back and do nothing.

Mars Mania 2

Philip K Dick was obviously obsessed with Mars and Martian life. beoutq. He wrote an excellent short story about mans pollution of Earth and migration to Mars, only to find the destroyed remnants of Terran civilization already there. لعبة الطاولة… Continue Reading →

Mars Mania

Mars Mania With all the current excitement of the Rover and Beagle missions, I feel it timely to re-introduce the issue of humankind’s Martian origins. This is one of my favourite old chestnuts but it was articulated brilliantly by James… Continue Reading →

Andrew Collins Fanclub 8

Why not give access to Andrew

Andrew Collins Fanclub 7

Ok, I am now gettting very worried about my Husbands obsession with Andrew Collins and the apparent need to be at the next Questing Conference. I t is what 4 weeks since the last one and he is already trying… Continue Reading →

The Atlantis Bookshop

The Atlantis Bookshop has re-opened on the web having undergone a major, ah, revamp. It’s possibly a little overengineered for my tastes and they have only have one Andrew Collins book currently listed but there many delights in there: the… Continue Reading →


Amazingly you can now order tickets for next year’s Psychic Questing Conference (QuestCon04). The great event takes place on Saturday 6th November. The only information available is that they will now cost a hefty £30 per pre-booked ticket (£32 on… Continue Reading →

Sy’s Psychic Quest (aka The Icon Trail) 3

i showed your recent appeal to my wife and she reckons your bringing psychics into disrapute. get protection from evil spirts fast. Its your spirit guide that will have the answers to your questions not the internet. ou acheter du… Continue Reading →

Sy’s Psychic Quest (aka The Icon Trail) 2

OK, so my Psychic Quest isn’t going so well. After my initial burst of enthusiasm I realised that the landmark in question wasn’t in the city I thought it was – but somewhere else entirely. This puts me in a… Continue Reading →

Sy’s Psychic Quest (aka The Icon Trail)

I started my own Psychic Quest this morning at 4:20 am. The exact details must remain hazy for the moment but what I can reveal is the following. As is customary in these matters, I started with some psychically produced… Continue Reading →

Hermetically Sealing

We had a discussion in the office yesterday about the meaning of “Hermetically sealing” something. كريستيانو رونالدو الفرق الحالية I offer the following account in support of my position: The seal of Hermes has fallen into common usage via the… Continue Reading →

Robert Rankin in Brentford

Fans of Robert Rankin may be surprised to learn that one of the skeletons in his murky past is our own Andy Collins. فريق سان جيرمان Hardcore Andyphiles may remember that he produced a booklet back in 1985 called “The… Continue Reading →

Andrew Collins Fanclub 4

When he’s dangling in a box over the Thames let me know? That way I’ll know he’s really “made it”…

Andrew Collins Fanclub

I wonder if Andrew Collins knows what a following he has! He should be very proud of himself, being able to captivate three so called intelligent guys. He appears to be at almost cult status. How many days/hours till the… Continue Reading →

New Andrew Collins Website

Apologies for the silence from these pages of late. العاب ع النت Recently I find I have been staying up watching late night TV. I wouldn’t normally do this but Madeleine kindly stays up to watch with me. Just a… Continue Reading →

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