I’m happy to report that things appear to aligning nicely on the Psychic Questing front. I cannot yet reveal full details, however, suffice to say that I am currently pushing forward with a new venture to establish www.psychicquesting.com as the questing community’s portal of choice. Other plans may soon result in a number of rare and very valuable books in the Psychic Questing canon coming my way. In the meantime, I’ve been engaged in a nerdy, typically male pursuit. I thought I might put together a compilation of Music to Psychic Quest By. Most of the criteria are obvious but one I stuck to was that the song had to actually be good (which last ruled out, as one example amongst many, Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”). My preliminary list is as follows: A Forest – The Cure Scary Monsters – David Bowie Death of a Supernaturalist – The Divine Comedy Cloudbusting – Kate Bush Airscape – Robyn Hitchcock Charlotte Ann – Julian Cope My Death – Scott Walker I struggled selecting a single Robyn Hitchcock song; many are wildly appropriate but the next closest to be included was “My Wife and My Dead Wife (Am I the Only One Who Sees Her?)” Anyone else got some suggestions?