We all know that my husband is totally obsessed with Andrew Collins, he has dedicated a Blog to him, got a TV company interested in a documentary about his quest, he tracks his auction bids for “rare” Andrew Collins books every few minutes, and now he jumps on a train on Easter Saturday to listen to Andrew Collins at a conference that he admitted he had no real interest in. Yes he is weird, but lovely all the same. Anyway I digress. I woke up this Easter morning and to be informed that late last night he wrote up his notes on the Andrew Collins conference, if I was interested in reading them. Now we all know that this stuff leaves me cold and I have to confess to have very little interest in it all, except that it is a passion of my husband’s and I like to support and show an interest in his “hobby” ( I went to the very first Questing conference with him) True Love. مواقع ألعاب اون لاين I sat down to read his notes and slowly became quite spooked, he was talking about the caves of Hastings, My friend Jo and I used to walk our dogs around there most weekends. (For those who do not know I lived just outside Hastings for about 4 years). Then he totally freaked me out when he mentioned the Robert de Mortain pub. نادي روما The very pub, my friends and I used to drink in most evenings after work. I have led quite a complicated life, which I will not go into right now, but I will leave you with the question that is on my mind, which at the moment will not make sense to any of you, but is burning in my mind, “What draw does Hastings have on me? سيرخيو أغويرو بنجامين أغويرو