The part of Haslemere nearest to our house is called Wey Hill. بت واي It houses a number of odd and vaguely run-down shops although the local council is desperately trying to regenerate it. On one side of the street there is a big Health Food shop, split over two distinct buildings and run by a black-clad bloke with long hair called Dominic. Dominic is your typical docile, colonically correct new-ager (although it has been noted that he doesn’t hold open the door of his shop for mothers struggling with prams). The shop is laid out in such a way that the two main parts of the building are not directly linked (an entrace to a courtyard divides the two ground floors although the upper floor does connect both sides) and if Dominic is the only one on duty he has to shuttle between the two sides, serving customers in both. The shop next door to Dominic is currently vacant but it used to be a new-age/candle shop called Heavenscent. The shop next to this is a computer shop with a hardcore computer shop name (“API Systematics”). This shop is run by a bloke who looks like Dominic’s evil twin. He also believes that black is the new black and sports long hair but unlike Dominic he is heavily accessorised with multiple earrings and pentagram necklaces giving him more of an aura of the sinister mage. Sadly it appears that I am not the first to link computers with the supernatural as a modus operandi. Like Dominic he can appear to materialise out of nowhere; unlike Dominic this cannot be atrributed to the layout of his shop. Despite outward appearances, he seems a very helpful sort and may even hold the door of his shop open for mothers struggling with prams, although I suspect there aren’t too many of these amongst his customer base. The reason I went down there was to see if he had a cheap (of course) network card for my Windows XP computer. (Ironically the linux computer that had been given to me was essentially a swap for the network card which was originally housed in the Windows machine and if you’re wondering who would swap a computer for a network card let me just say that there was a sane reason at the time.) Anyway, my friend the computer mage produced a new PCI network card for £9. اول من لعب الدومينو 99 which seemed magic to me. (Further aside – cost of project to date: 1 x Celeron 355 mHz computer = swapped for network card; 1 x splitter = £17.50; 1 x 30GB HDD = £24; 1 x linux Mandrake CD set = £9). poker 888 login