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Fr Bonaventure’s Revenge

In which the wheel of cosmic justice is seen to turn full circle.

Experiments with Mind Machine

In which I retrace the footsteps of G Harry Stine

A Shot in the Arm

Notes on a mini revival

Gloria Olivae

Musing on the identity of the next pope

Coincidence or Synchronicity

In which our hero once again feels that there is more going on than meets the eye.

Come fly the friendly skies…

Things you don’t want to see on airline websites.

Psychic Questor discovers mythical fountain of youth!

Thanks to Alex for this one. (For those who don’t know this is my desk at work.)

More Glitches in The Matrix

OK this is a good one. As you know I’ve been building towards my website. Now that I’ve cracked a lot of the technical issues, I’ve been giving some thought to design. My theory on all of this, in… Continue Reading →

…proxied mass name-based virtual hosting…

As you can see things have taken a turn for the better since my last posts. I had to abandon the idea of setting the Alcatel DSL modem to the Linux box. Sure, sure, you’ll find plenty of articles telling… Continue Reading →

Aside 2 – Harry Potter High Street

The part of Haslemere nearest to our house is called Wey Hill. بت واي It houses a number of odd and vaguely run-down shops although the local council is desperately trying to regenerate it. On one side of the street… Continue Reading →

Aside 1 – Switch

To help keep our study as tidy as possible (ultimately a doomed ambition), I purchased a little splitter on eBay for £17.50 which connects two PCs to a single Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse. You press a little button and are… Continue Reading →

Day 5 – False Hope

My CDs arrived on cue from fastdiscs and the install was quite easy – you popped the first CD into the drive and booted the PC. Everything else happened automatically. One immediate problem that I encountered was that Linux appeared… Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Linux Timeslip

It’s been 15 days since my last blog post. بطولة بلوت Crushing disillusionment and psychosis-inducing levels of sleep deprivation are to blame for the “lost fortnight”. However, I emerge from this dark night of the soul more resilient, wiser and… Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Wal-Mart Linux

Whilst waiting for the Mandrake CDs to be shipped, I realised that Wal-Mart is the hidden master behind the whole Linux community. Let me explain. The single most troubling aspect of Linux is that it is free. To the commercially… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Pt2

As soon as I saw one of them, however, I knew this had to be the one – Mandrake Linux. By eerie coincidence I had just finished reading Toyne Newton’s pre-cursor to The Black Alchemist wherein he devotes an entire… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Pick a Linux, Any Linux

Day 3 started well when some nice man who must remain nameless kindly offered me an old Celeron desktop (oooh – who could that be?) which would be ideal as my new Linux web server. Buoyed by this early stroke… Continue Reading →


As part of my ongoing obsession, I am in the process of developing a PsychicQuesting website which I hope will help raise the profile of this glorious exercise amongst the masses. As I get further and further into this, I’m… Continue Reading →

Day 2 – Single IP, Multiple Websites

I’m rather fond of my personal website and don’t want to sacrifice it in the creation of If I am to hold both websites on my home computer I need to be able to identify which site people are… Continue Reading →

Day 1 – The Plan

In line with my grand plan of bringing Psychic Questing to the people, I have embarked upon a project to create the de facto portal for the Questing community. Eschewing David Percy’s idea of calling it, I plumbed for… Continue Reading →

Blog Failure 2

Rather embarassingly, it appears that for the last few months my computer has been leading a double life as a warez server. Some nasty hackers exploited the ftp facility that I had naively set up to allow you bloggers upload… Continue Reading →

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